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We have the high quality standards for the purchasing, production and distribution of our fish products.

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Fresh from waters of lake Victoria

Who we are

Ask International Ltd, is fish processor and exporter in Uganda started in 2013. We process and export high quality both fresh and frozen fishery products. We are a modern fish processing plant with the state of the art high tech machines and equipment. Ask International is committed to sustainability and preservation of the fisheries renewable resources.


A fully functional and approved Hazard Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is in place to ensure product safety. the HACCP system is based on a firm foundation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Sanitation Operating Procedures(SOP) to maintain a high level of hygiene in the processing plant.


We are committed to the purchase and supply of responsibly sourced sfish. We believe we can supply our customers fish needs without compromising the future health of our lake fish.


We source our fish from suppliers who are trained in regard to our HACCP, GMP, SOP. Even the boats and trucks involved in transportation of fish from the fresh water of Lake Victoria to our factory are inspected and licensed periodically by fisheries authority

Our Products

Fresh or frozen Skinless fillets
Fresh or frozen Headless gutted fish
Fresh or frozen Skin-on fillets
Fresh or frozen portions
Fresh or frozen steaks
Fresh or frozen fish maws

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Why Choose Us

We ensure to sustain-ably process and put on the market high quality and safe fish products, that complies with both national and international standards for production of food suitable for human consumption in the most environmentally friendly manner. Our main goal is to produce high-quality products while keeping competitive prices.

We have the high quality standards for the purchasing, production and distribution of our fish products.

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